Sports kindergarten and day care center Prague 4
We combine movement, montessori and modern approach to children's education.

About Us

Sports nursery school and crèche PlayWisely® Centre is located in a quiet, traffic-free zone 200 metres from Kunratice Forest and offers lessons from the PlayWisely programme in Czech and in English for children aged from 4 months to pre-school age, 5 days a week. It also includes a crèche for children from 18 months and a sports nursery school.

PlayWisely® for the very youngest children

PlayWisely® is a comprehensive and scientifically-based, yet fun way of playing, which takes advantage of a child’s natural learning and movement abilities from birth to pre-school age. Our goal is to activate and tune sensory, speech, learning and motor skills that are vital for the development of future abilities. Our comprehensive method helps parents to distinguish what is in the best interest of maximising their child’s development and, thanks to wise playing, to strengthen their relationship with their child. For further information on our programme and to reserve lessons, visit

Sports crèche and nursery school

An individual approach and a renowned scientifically-based Czech-English learning programme. The aim of our private nursery school and crèche is to help children to build solid foundations and inner confidence in all areas of development, so that they can make their future dreams come true! We focus on individually managed, comprehensive psychomotor development of children. We develop concentration, attention, memory, speech and logical thinking with PlayWisely® cards, complex motor skills, fine motor skills, creativity and rhythm. We use a range of modern didactic, Montessori, PlayWisely® and sports aids.
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  • we work with PlayWisely® cards to develop speech, concentration, attention, etc., in both Czech and English – a different topic every day (geometric shapes, letters, colours, animals, etc.)
  • we work with didactic, Montessori and PlayWisely® aids to develop fine motor skills and senses
  • movement is developed in a fun way – we focus on a different area of movement each day (balance, motor coordination, catching, throwing, kicking, hitting a target, spatial orientation, etc.)
  • we take care to carry out physical activities correctly and safely
  • we are creative – we paint, stamp, cut, and make things from both natural and artificial materials
  • we sing songs and tell nursery rhymes and poems in both Czech and English
  • when the weather is nice, we go for a walk in the forest or exercise, run and jump in nearby playgrounds
  • we exercise, run and play in the centre’s gyms
  • we make the most of the joy of learning, moving and creating
  • we create a solid foundation for outstanding future sports and study performances
  • we teach independence (dressing, preparing snacks, tidying up, hygiene) and social skills

Modern classrooms, gyms and an indoor playground, with a forest 200 m away

Thanks to their all-glass wall, our modern classrooms let in plenty of light. High-quality equipment creates a cosy and safe environment with optimum air circulation thanks to a combination of natural and possible zonal ventilation. Children have access to two gyms with parquet floors and an indoor football pitch, which is ideal for most children’s ball games. Our sports facilities are also equipped with optimum air circulation and even meet safety standards for adults to play sports. There is an outdoor sports field right in front of the school.

Healthy eating tailored for your children

We also guarantee high-quality food, which is always imported fresh from kitchens accredited for cooking children’s food. We see to it that children have a regular fluid intake and a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Our nursery school, as well as our food supplier, is under the regular supervision of a Hygiene Station of the Capital City of Prague.
We respect children and are their guide on the amazing journey of discovering the world and their own possibilities and skills.
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