Sports kindergarten and day care center Prague 4
We combine movement, montessori and modern approach to children's education.

Our Team


Veronika Fílová

Owner and Director
Veronika Fílová  Ředitelka centra, jeslí a školy PlayWisely
I graduated from the Business Academy and University of Tourism, as well as studying finance, marketing and management at the Open University Business School. I worked as a financial controller in banking and as a project manager. After my two children were born, I began to take an intensive interest in child psychology and teaching. I have successfully completed a range of educational courses (PlayWisely Teacher, an accredited teaching course at the Andílek Family Centre, Montessori courses, Respektovat a být respektován (Respect Is a Two-Way Street), etc.). Since 2011, I have worked as a teacher and then director of the PlayWisely programme in Prague. In 2015, I opened my own PlayWisely Nursery School and Crèche Centre in Prague 4, gained representation rights to the PlayWisely programme for the Czech Republic and won first place in the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 award for the Central Bohemian Region. Children are a never-ending source of inspiration and joy for me. I enjoy exercise in my free time (skiing, cycling, running, tennis), as well as travelling abroad and around the Czech Republic. My other interests include dance, music, the theatre, literature and gardening.

Mgr. Daniela Šimonová

Expert Director and Head Nursery School Teacher
Daniela Šimonová  Hlavní pedagog ve třídě školka
I studied languages at Charles University and passed an English exam at the highest existing level, CPE (native speaker level). I make good use of my long-standing teaching experience in common English. Following the birth of my daughter Nela, I began to devote time to Montessori teaching – in London I obtained a Diploma in the Montessori Method of English Language Teaching, and subsequently the National Montessori Teaching Diploma in the Czech Republic. I am completing my studies in pre-school and extracurricular teaching. I regularly attend educational seminars and teach courses for teachers and the public (Montessori teaching, respecting education, English with children, music). As a teacher I collaborate, among others, with the company Montessori Czech Republic, and I am a professional guarantor of courses accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. A respectful approach is essential for me. I often sing and play musical instruments (piano, guitar, drums) with children. We dance and play sports, but also often meet in the forest with an atlas or compass while exploring the beauty of nature. In my leisure time, I practice tai chi, I am interested in a healthy lifestyle and reflex therapy, and I am a ski instructor. I am an active musician, leading group drumming and appearing in performances for children.


Lucie Tůmová

Deputy Director and Head Crèche Teacher
Lucie Tůmová  Hlavní pedagog třída jesle
After my studies, I worked for an advertising and event agency and later for the Albatross Golf Resort, where I mostly organised golf tournaments. In the course of my work, I have prepared many events and activities for children. I collaborated on the Albert Triathlon Tour and Zdravá 5 (Healthy 5) projects for children. I first discovered PlayWisely for my daughter, but the programme impressed me so much that I completed a certified PlayWisely teaching course with founder Patty Hannan and became a teacher. In 2015, I completed an accredited course for crèche and nursery school nannies. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends.

Mgr. Lenka Sechterová

Nursery school teacher, and speech therapy and pre-school preparation
Mgr. Lenka Sechterová  Pedagog ve školce
I completed my Bachelor degree at the Jan Amos Komenský University Prague in the field of Special Pedagogy – Education. I continued with my Master’s studies at Charles University combining the subjects of Special Pedagogy and Pedagogy in the Field of Upper Primary School and Secondary School Teaching. As I find my work with children highly interesting and enjoyable, I have also completed a range of educational courses, including: Development of Polytechnic Skills through Montessori Pedagogy and Aids, Support of Speech Therapy and Speech Development Remedies, The Pre-School Child, Exercising with Children – Yoga in Everyday Life. I also worked in private Czech-English schools for four years. During my studies I worked as a school nanny, but also ran hobby groups for children and mothers with children. My interests include cooking with children (I have taught week-long holiday courses), Zumba, swimming and in-line skating.


Mgr. Kateřina Keclíková

Crèche and Nursery School Sports Teacher
Mgr. Kateřina Keclíková  Sportovní pedagog v jeslích i školce
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a close relationship with sport. I played handball for more than twenty-five years. During my professional career, I decided to combine my interest with studies. Therefore, I first took Bachelor studies in Sport and Physical Education in České Budějovice, before moving on to follow-up studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University. While studying, I also devoted time to training children. I have now retired from my active playing career, but I wanted to pass on my experience and love for sport further.

Monika Havlíčková

Crèche Teacher
Monika Havlíčková  Pedagog ve třídě jesle
I originally studied as a clothes designer (I studied under Beáta Rajská). I gained my primary experience with children while working as an au-pair in Great Britain. After returning home, I decided to expand my education and obtained a Montessori National Diploma, a pedagogical minimum certificate, and also successfully completed a course for nannies for children of up to three years. After that, I earned a Cambridge CCSE English certificate. I worked with two-year-old children in Montessori crèches and with pre-school children in a Czech-English Montessori nursery school. I spend my free time with my own children, reading a book, doing yoga, walking, meeting friends, self-study and cooking.


David Smith

Crèche and Nursery School English Teacher
David Smith  Anglický pedagog ve třídě jesle a školka
I come from Seattle in the USA, where I studied Business Technology at my local high school. I worked in a number of business positions in the USA. Then, I decided to travel. I hold a TEFL teaching certificate and a Young Learners certificate for teaching children. I have lived in Prague since 2015. I enjoy working with children, so after I arrived, I decided to work as a teacher in a private kindergarten. Now I’m working here at the PlayWisely Sports Kindergarten and also teaching in a private language school. My hobbies include travel, movies and reading.

Karolína Ondrašíková

Crèche and Nursery School Teacher
Karolína Ondrašíková  Pedagog ve školce i jeslích
I studied at a Secondary Nursing School and I am currently studying at Charles University in the field of teaching, with a focus on psychology, philosophy and religion. Since 2011, I have worked as a trainee at children’s camps and intermittently helped out on children’s days. It is mostly thanks to my brother Míša that I discovered that working with children is enjoyable and fulfilling. I think there is no greater joy in the world than children, and that’s why I would like to start my own family soon. With children, I enjoy drawing, singing and going for walks. I most enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends.


Klára Pýchová

Crèche and Nursery School Teacher
Klára Pýchová  Pedagog ve školce i jeslích
I studied at a Secondary Pedagogical School in Prague. I also devote time to studies at university in České Budějovice in the field of teaching for nursery schools. To me, children are the future and must be taken care of. This profession makes me happy, and I take a smile on a child’s face as my biggest success. I enjoy making things with children, singing or sometimes just playing with them. My hobbies include swimming, skating, cooking, drawing and also travel.

Valerie Koldinská

Crèche and Nursery School Teacher

Valerie Koldinská  Pedagog ve školce i jeslích
I studied at a Secondary Pedagogical School. My life-long calling has been working with children. When I was given the chance to work at PlayWisely, I didn’t hesitate. Developing a child’s imagination, ideas and skills is an inspiration for me and is mutually enriching. My hobbies include the theatre, walks in the countryside, and visiting castles and manor houses.


Renáta Zahradníková

Receptionist and Housekeeper
Renáta Zahradníková  Recepční
I studied at a Pedagogical Secondary School in the field of teaching for nursery schools. I went on to work in the same field after completing my studies. I have two children, a son Petr and a daughter Eliška. During my first maternity leave, I expanded my education with distance learning in the field of manicure, which I also dedicate time to. In my leisure time I enjoy going on excursions, gardening, and skiing in winter. I also like music and the theatre.

Lenka Humlová

Receptionist and Housekeeper
Lenka Humlová  Recepční
I studied at a clothing design school. I have two children and after they were born, I started working in a nursery school as a housekeeper and assistant for supervising children. I later began my current job as the receptionist at PlayWisely Sports Nursery School. I spend most of my spare time with my children. I enjoy music, dance and in-line skating.