Sports kindergarten and day care center Prague 4
We combine movement, montessori and modern approach to children's education.

PlayWisely® Nursery School and Crèche Prague 4 – Price List

PlayWisely® sports nursery school and crèche accepts children from 18 months to pre-school age. They can attend a whole-day or half-day programme for the whole week or just on selected days. One individual teacher in the crèche is responsible for 4-6 children and 8-10 children in the nursery school. We focus on an individual approach and comprehensive development of children.

10% discount for your second child. When paying in advance you will receive a 4% discount for a half-year (5 months) and 7% for a year (10 months). It is possible to pay through your employer.

The school fees comprise the bi-lingual PlayWisely® programme (comprehensive development in the areas of gross and fine motor skills, reasoning and language skills, senses, creativity and music). The price also includes afternoon extracurricular activities (e.g. music and dance, yoga, basics of ball games, fine arts and handicrafts, etc., plus excursions and nursery school events – plays, lectures and creative workshops), visits by experts cooperating with the school (pedagogical and psychological counselling and speech therapy), as well as insurance and VAT. Meal allowance (2 healthy snacks, lunch and fluid intake) in the sum of CZK 75 per whole day + VAT or CZK 65 per half-day + VAT paid separately.

Please note the possibility of a tax deduction for nursery school fees for each dependent child, up to the amount for minimum wage, i.e. CZK 9,900 per year. We will be happy to issue you with documents for employers or the Tax Office.
Price per monthWhole dayMorningAfternoon
8 days6 160,-4 240,-4 240,-
12 days9 000,-6 120,-6 120,-
16 days11 680,-7 840,-7 840,-
20 days14 000,-9 400,-9 400,-