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PlayWisely appealed to me before I even took my son Vojta for a demonstration lesson. By the end of the lesson, I had been completely convinced by its teaching method.

Even though several people told me that 18-month old children aren’t capable of maintaining their attention for more than 10-15 minutes, Vojta was able to work calmly with the teacher and the interactive cards for a whole 30 minutes. He then applied the principles he had learnt at home himself, describing things like small and large animals and imitating the intensity of the teacher’s voice, identifying individual colours and, even if not quite in the right order, trying to count before he was two. The progress he made in speech, for example, was evident. His strength has always been fine motor skills, and I’m delighted that we’ve had the opportunity to develop them effectively in PlayWisely lessons.

I recommend PlayWisely lessons to anyone who I talk to about them. And I know why I do. It’s a truly outstanding course for developing a child’s personality and thinking. And that’s not all! PlayWisely also helps with physical development. Thanks to the physical exercises, our Vojta gained greater confidence in coordinating his body in terms of balance, strength and overall motor skills. You should try it too!

Jana Ptačinská Jirátová, 14. 5. 2014

I came across PlayWisely’s teaching programme by chance. When Jolanka was one, I went with a friend to a demonstration lesson which immediately caught our attention. We both registered for the course without wasting a minute.

I left every lesson feeling very pleased and full of new ideas for developing her personality. I was very surprised by the variety of the lessons, especially the choice of resources (which were new to us).

There was also a time when Jolanka didn’t want to work with the cards and her attention was taken elsewhere. The teacher Katka dealt with this situation very well and tried to engage Jolanka’s attention, for example, by changing her voice. She also advised me to be tolerant and not to give up straight away. It paid off, and after a few lessons Jolanka began to cooperate very well. Since then, she really looks forward to every lesson.

That’s why I would tell every mum: “BE PATIENT, it will certainly be worth it”.

Michaela Danešová, 16. 12. 2014